With an organ of more than fifty compositions (rose, fruits, amber...) this course teaches you all the basics of perfume composition : What is a "Note", an "Accord", why perfume changes as time goes by... It also introduces participants to different types of perfumes to enable them to create there bespoke scent.

It is well suited to professional perfumery.


You want to reorder your scent ?

We send 3 bottles of your formula (50 ml spray bottle). Cllick here to order.


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  • • Duration : 1:30 hour
    • Rate : 75 EUROS/person
    •The price includes : The perfume created during the workshop (50 ml with a spray), and the course.
    • At L'ABC du PARFUM (Paris 16.)

    7, rue vineuse. Metro Trocadero or Passy.

    The workshops are at 2PM during the week; at 3.30 on saturdays.