« Aux sources du parfum », the ABC's book

Perfumer and teacher in my field for about twenty years, it is while preparing my courses that I thought of this book. I wanted to tell how the perfumer’s imagination works, describe how the artist structures his thought and exercises his craft.

To do this, I had to describe a language with its codes, its concepts, which often borrow from other arts such as music or painting. Are we not talking about «notes», «chords», «form» of perfume? This language, however, did not always exist. To understand how and when it had emerged, I had to go to «Aux sources du parfum».

Throughout the book, Marina Jung Allégret transports you into the mysterious world of perfume creation. Through anecdotes and images, she tells her work and research to better exchange with students and pass on her job to the general public. «Aux Sources du Parfum» is an essay to understand everything about this wonderful art.

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  • Informations about the author: Trained as a chemist (Marie Curie University) and perfumer (« Noze ») for twenty years, Marina Jung Allégret has set up a company (L'Abc du parfum) which aims at transmitting its profession to a large audience. Its courses and conferences (the Ecole Supérieure du Parfum, ESSEC, the EIML Ecole du Marketing de luxe) invite participants to enter the world of perfume, to understand its concepts, rules and language. Everyone approaches composition and creates his unique and personalized fragrance.